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I love English history.  I don’t know why – I’m not English in the least.  I also enjoy reading French historical fiction, and Italian.  Do you know what I never really saw?  Medieval Spain.

Spain kindLaBastarda3DBook of has this reputation as “the Big Bad” – it has the Armada, it was the country with the (unexpected) Inquisition, they’re kind of seen as the bully.  I originally picked up the story to get some background on Katherine of Aragon, but slowly began working my way backwards to the very first member of her dynasty.  It’s just spiraled from there, into an imagined series (and I use the term incredibly loosely) of books with different protagonists, each one focusing on a specific person and, by extension, the Castilian monarch at that moment (I’ve always hated picking up the only interesting boLaReyna3DCoverok in a series, to read it and be completely in the dark.  I’ve decided to make THE TRASTÁMARA SERIES a set of stand-alones, each playing together nicely but not requiring the others to survive).  As of this moment, there are ten (planned) books set in Castile, two “companions” in Aragon, a possible “companion”/finale book set in Naples, a “spin-off” book set in Arborea, Sardinia, and a possible “spin-off”/new series set in the 18th century – with a Borgia.


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I’m K.M. Guerin, but you can call me K.  I’m 25, a stay-at-home wife & mom from
Michigan.  I decided to try my hand at writing stories after an exacerbated medical condition left me without 12227609_413391595526744_893586714902398599_na job, and suddenly everything considered a waste of time by authority figures so long ago became an obvious choice, as I only have time to waste. 🙂

I enjoy reading and writing historical fiction.  Oddly, my first love was dystopia, and I will always have a soft spot in my heart for THE GIVER series, as well as BRAVE NEW WORLD, but I could never write it.  To be quite frank, I’ve always loved “older” history, but not the way they teach it in textbooks.  I’d rather hear “real” conversations, see “real” emotions, and fall in love with the “real” characters.  “Modern” (post-USA) history has never really been my thing, and I’ve always preferred to stick my nose into a book about the Plague or learning about ancient religions over learning about my own country.  It’s a bit strange, really.

I am available on Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Wattpad, SnapChat, Pinterest, Google+, Linked In, and I have a placeholder profile on Authors.me.  My username on most platforms is KM_Guerin, so feel free to add or follow me!  I would love to hear from you! 🙂