More #PitchWars: The Sevens Challenge

Alright, this is a pretty popular challenge in the #PitchWars group at the moment, so I figure I’ll participate.

How to play:

  1. 7th Page of your WIP
  2. 7th Line on the 7th page
  3. 7 Consecutive Lines past that.
  4. 7 People Tagged – I tag anyone who hasn’t done it yet; let me know and I’ll come read.  😀

WIP: Book 2 of the Trastámara Series (yepp, you read that correctly!  :D)
I’m keeping it a bit ambiguous, though – I don’t want to give everything away. 😉  I will say this, though: Book 2 does NOT follow Constanza, and it’s a theme I plan to keep through my future books.  I’ve always been annoyed by series that require I read #1-3 (not to mention the late-release prequel!) to get the gist of #4.  Personally, I think Philippa Gregory’s done her Tudor/Cousin’s War series just right. 🙂

Anyway, on to the excerpt!  For clarity, [She]/[Her] is my MC, [He] is her husband.

[She] gave a little huff.  “Your brother is a terrible influence on you.”  As a plate of manchego and tronchón cheeses, bread, and olive oil spiced with Italian herbs passed by, [She] motioned to [her attendant], who beckoned the man over and took the platter from him in order to serve [Her].  This time, [He] let his wife take some of the dish before he waved it away.

“[She] doesn’t need that much food – Deus knows she’s big enough to be carrying three babies!”  Without a word, [She] looked to [her attendant] and motioned for the woman to fill her glass.  If their exchange was any indication of how the night would go, she would certainly drink a full butt of wine before it was over.

AHHH!  I’m so excited – I can’t wait to finish this!  Hopefully by the time La Bastarda is published, I’ll have this WIP well on its way!


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