I was tagged to do the Seven’s Challenge again! :)

     Just as a reminder:

  • Page 7
  • Line 7
  • 7 Sentences
  • 7 People

     I’m still awful at tags, though, so pretend I’ve tagged everyone who wants to do it…again, if necessary. Pretend I blackmailed you or something. I’m so mean.  😛

     Since I did my current WIP last time, I figured I’d post from my #PitchWars entry this time!  Thaaaat’s right, consider this a snack-preview (get it, because it’s snack sized?  I’m so punny it hurts) of La Bastarda!  😀

     “ mother and brother will hear of her death in childbirth and assume the babe went as well.”

     “I would appreciate their names, to properly pay them.  Thank you, old friend.”  Not for the first time, Don Enrique clasped the shoulder of the only steadfast friend he had in the world.  This man would cut off his own head if it mean saving Don Enrique; please Deus it never came to that point.  The man known as Juan beamed back, blue eyes crinkling, as the bundled stirred once more with a wet mewling noise.

     “I help my master, Sire, nothing more.  But first, the matter of the babe…”

     Okay, I couldn’t help it, I did eight sentences – but in my defense, the eighth one does close out the chapter, and there are a couple of sentences that are pretty small…  ;P  What can I say, I’m not a fan of arbitrary rules like “sentence limits”.  haha!

     Anyway, have fun my lovely tag-ees, and make sure to let me know you’ve decided to play along! I love reading these.


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