The Series of Stand-Alones

     At a current length of thirteen (planned) books, it probably seems like I’m dragging out the Trastámara Series.  Who wants to read over a dozen books about the same thing, right?  I don’t blame anyone who thinks that – I’d never want to read a series that long, either.

     Wait.  So why am I writing it?

     Because it’s actually composed of completely independent books.

     I used to think series all had to be written the same way: the same main characters, fighting the same or similar problems.  I used to hate picking up a book I thought seemed interesting, only to learn it was the second in a trilogy and I needed to buy the first book (and probably the late-released “prequel”) in order to really understand what was going on.  Often times, that would be the first time I heard of the series, and buying the book only to wait while I searched for the other stories I needed was too much of a pain, and I’d just forget about reading it at all.

     That’s why I decided, when I started to write the Trastámara Series, I would write each story in such a way that it would be a fully-capable novel on its own.  Sure, the entire thing is based around a certain royal line, but I’ve written each book with their own main characters, who have their own struggles, dreams, viewpoints, etc.  While LA BASTARDA covered the reign of Enrique II of Castile, the following two books will deal with the reign of his son Juan I, through the eyes of those in his court.  This continues through Enrique III, Juan II, Enrique IV, Isabel I, and Juana I…  And I plan to expand it even more.

     I want people to pick up whichever book appeals to them the most.  I want them to love my story and want more.  I want to inspire people to research new time periods in the same way I was inspired.  I don’t want people to think my series is stale after a set amount of books.  The Trastámara Series will be a set of separate, loosely connected novels.

     And I hope people grow to love them as much as I have.


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