Historical Fiction Friday #10:

Due to the fact that my birthday was yesterday (October 2), and we’re still celebrating it – I’m taking the weekend off. Please accept this humble reblog and I hope you enjoy this series as much as I have! ❤

Paper Lantern Lit

Write and Wrong: Combining all HFFs into Your Scene

Over the past nine Historical Fiction Fridays (HFFs), we’ve taken a whirlwind tour of the basics. So let’s put it all together!

Before sitting down to write, you’ve listed all the essential aspects of life in the past era you need to know (HFF #1: Building Your Lost World). You’ve done your research (HFF #2: Research), and as you write you will check every detail to avoid anachronisms (HFF #4: Anachronisms).

Let’s imagine a scene where several topics we’ve covered converge. On a stormy night in eighteenth century London, a girl sits by the bed of her dying sister, hoping against hope the girl’s fiancé can make it in time. The doctor finishes bleeding her (#8: Medicine) and says there is nothing else he can do.

The sister has a powerful flashback of a past scene with the dying girl and…

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