NaNoWriMo 2015: Week 1 Overview

     Due to the amount of energy and focus NaNo does take, not to mention my home life, I will be keeping my posts limited to once a week updates of NaNoWriMo.  Each update will happen on a Monday and be about the previous week’s happenings.  I’ll start back up with the regular entries in December: expect a “What I Learned” entry within the first week of the month! 🙂

     So, without further ado —

Week 1

  • Words written: 13,867 (1733.5 Words Per Day)
  • Pages written: 45, double-spaced, TNR size 11.
  • Difficulties this week: Just real life.  I wrote 13,000 words on the first day, so that I’d have an ability to slow down as needed (that was exceptionally painful and I refuse to do that again – until next year), and I’m very glad I did because I basically spent this week dealing with my family and certain issues.  Oh, I was also able to go to a Detroit Red Wings game for the first time ever, which was awesome!  I definitely don’t regret not getting that much writing done this week.  I do need to try and crack down, however, but my family will always come first.

     If you want to follow my progress or simply want to get to know me, I tweet occasionally (at least twice on Wednesday for #1lineWed, and about once a day or so for the rest of the week) at @KM_Guerin, I have an Instagram (KM_Guerin) on which I’m doing something called “#100happydays” (so I take a daily photo, usually of my writing space), as well as Pinterest boards (KM_Guerin) for writing Historical Fiction, LA BASTARDA, and a small obsession one for Harry Potter.  Hey, I’m a millennial! 😉  I do not have a Facebook page, but I do have a Google+ page that I sometimes update.  Also, on WordPress, I lovelovelove reading blogs about writing or by writers, so if you’re lurking on here and do have an account, please feel free to let me know you’ve stopped by and I promise I’ll take a look at it (and probably follow)!

Thank you so much, and have a wonderful day!


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