NaNoWriMo 2015: Week 2 Overview

    Words written: 19,315
    Words written this week: 5448
    Pages written: 62.5, double-spaced, TNR size 11
    Pages written this week: 17.5
    Thoughts About Week: I find myself caring less and less about whether or not I actually “win” NaNo. It’d be nice, certainly, but I already know I’m going to finish this story sometime in December because it’s the second book in the series, and I have plans to put it out next year, so I’m not in too much of a hurry as long as I meet that deadline. 😀 Plus, I did just get a new book by Lucy Worsley, and I’ve been dying to read it! ;D
    Difficulties: I wouldn’t count it as a difficulty in the sense that I didn’t want to do it, but my word count was significantly less this week due to launching LA BASTARDA and all of the surrounding requirements.  I didn’t realize how much actually goes into a book launch!  I mean, I had to resubmit my story five or six different times, because there were two portions of my text that were bound and determined not to cooperate!
         Then, I had to build my cover, and it was surprisingly easy to find an image that I liked.  I chose to use a lion doorknocker for the cover of LA BASTARDA because the two symbols of her father’s country are a castle (Castile) and a lion (León), and I thought a doorknocker was appropriate because it’s the beginning of the series.  I guess I’m symbolically giving the reader a chance to step up and actually “enter” the universe simply by turning the page.  I also never thought I’d put so much psychology into a simple photograph.
         After that, I decided to do paperbacks as well, which meant more formatting issues, a similar (but not the exact same) cover with the same picture (and if we’re honest, I love the paperback’s cover much more).  Then there’s pricing (LA BASTARDA is the cheapest at which I was allowed to sell it – $0.99 for an eBook, and it will be $9.25 for a paperback), proofing, and marketing.
    Now, to be quite frank, I love marketing.  I actually considered going into marketing in college.  I love developing brands, making slogans, dealing with ways to properly push a product or person in different areas.  I guess it comes as no surprise, then, that I’ve absolutely gone overboard with profiles and such!  I’m just going to leave my “Links Pinterest” board here!

     I currently have a Facebook Page, Twitter, an Amazon Author Page, Goodreads, Instagram, Google+, Linked In, (obviously) Pinterest, and (very obviously) a WordPress blog. I’m always open to making new profiles, so if I missed somewhere, please let me know! 😀

     Well, that’s it for this week! I’ll be back next week with another NaNoWriMo 2015 update, unless something new comes up! Have a great week, everybody.


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