NaNoWriMo 2015: Week 3 Overview

Words written: 22,016
Words written this week: 2701
Pages written: 74.5, double-spaced, TNR size 11
Pages written this week: 12
Thoughts About Week: This week didn’t go so well for the NaNoWriMo challenge. I was incredibly busy, and to top it all off, my truck broke down last Sunday, the snowstorm hit on Saturday (and caused the day’s write-in to be cancelled), and they didn’t plow my road (so I couldn’t take my husband’s low-sitting Impala, considering Mother Nature dumped over 9″ of snow onto us). Okay, that last one isn’t uncommon – we’re on a border between two cities and a township, none of which want to do anything for us, but boy do they all want our tax money. It usually falls on the county to plow us, which means we aren’t usually plowed until a week before everything thaws.
     BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT, back to NaNo! I’m not going to win this year, unless I somehow manage to sit down and write 4,000 words per day in between dealing with things for the release of LA BASTARDA, proofing, and keeping my family alive. And laundry. I hate laundry. This week, I learned that I probably shouldn’t release my books in November if I want to participate.
Difficulties: Wasn’t really all that bad, to be honest. I just got wrapped up in doing things to promote LA BASTARDA, like making this book trailer:


     and trying to find places that might be interested in doing an author interview with the book (hint: I can’t). This has actually given me a ton of insight into the logistics of self-promoting and complications that can be involved. I definitely see why people are so eager to be involved with a publishing company now, and especially why scams are so prolific in this business – I have thought of how awesome it would be for me to have someone helping me through this process.

     With the help of another local author, I’m also considering trying to set up signings and such, once the paperbacks are done being proofed (I’ve noticed a few formatting errors in the paperbacks, which I’m now going over with a fine-toothed comb. I hope to have them done and resubmitted by Thanksgiving [this Thursday] or Friday at the latest).



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