NaNoWriMo 2015: Week 4 Overview (Finale)

Words written: 68,279
Words written this week: 46,263
Pages written: 79.5, double-spaced, TNR size 11
Pages written this week: 5
Thoughts About Week: This past week, I learned that literally everything to do with writing the novel “counts”, according to NaNo.  I was previously counting just the words I had typed into my save file, ignoring all the words I’d written in my notebook and hadn’t yet transcribed, as well as the scene I wrote “too early” in the story (and tossed into a totally different save file), extra little “blurbs” that I’d written from the perspective of another character in order to better understand a scene, and (my favorite) a kind of “scene between the scenes”.  After counting everything up, I’d somehow more than tripled my word count.  Oh!  I also did an interview with Book Goodies!  See that >HERE<, and expect an interview about LA BASTARDA coming soon!
Difficulties:  This isn’t NaNo related, but it was still a difficulty.  Of course, I have lots of fans, the excited ones who can’t wait to read my book and think it’s awesome, or harassing me about the release date (AUNT MARIANNE.  Hahaha)…  But, of course, there’s always the one person who sees things as a chance to one-up, and this was no different.  It’s just frustrating – not even a “congrats”, “good job” or even a general acknowledgement, just running straight into the one-up.  Is it really worth it?  That’s it really, I just needed to rant. 😛


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