I would really appreciate good thoughts for this month.

     Today, I’m talking to a local bookstore about getting LA BASTARDA onto their shelves, then next week I may have an interview with a local book podcast and radio show, followed by my Author Event on the 16th. I’m also struggling to finish the first draft of LA REINA as well, which I was hoping to do before the 16th so that I could have it as a little extra.

     On the plus side, I’ve decided to take part in this month’s Camp NaNo to better meet that goal, and I have fixed some minor formatting and edited an issue I noticed in LA BASTARDA, so I’m not entirely unproductive. 🙂 I’m also still on the hunt for storefronts and other ways to promo my books, and I’m trying my hardest to kick a sinus cold on top of another unexpected medical issue. Long story short, while it may seem that I’ve completely abandoned this blog, I haven’t. Neglected it, sure, but I’ve not abandoned it. I already have two posts waiting in the wings, and one is the final chapter of the Corporal of Bolsena series (which I’ve decided to release in May, on the Feast of Corpus Christi, because it’s quite fitting).

     That’s all, back to your regularly scheduled lives! 🙂


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