Updates on Previous and Future Events

     Over the last two weeks, I’ve had quite a few events just fall into my lap.  I probably shouldn’t phrase it like that – you see, I’ve definitely been working for them.  I could tell you the Barnes and Noble telephone plea to preorder the “New Harry Potter Play Parts One and Two!” by heart, I’ve perfected my telephone pitch, I’ve become accustomed to sending out emails to local bookstores only to not hear a single peep from them again.  I suppose the feeling that these events have just dropped out of the sky and into my life is due to the fact that I’ve booked all four of them within such a small block of time.

     My first event was my interview with Karen Hopper of Michigan Volumes.  That aired via the Lansing Community College station on April 7th; you can still listen to it here (link opens in a new window; you will have to click play.  Sorry, I sound like a total dork.  🙂 ).  It was SO easy working with Karen, and I hope I can return in the future, perhaps after the release of my second book? 😉

     My second eYou can't see it, but I was shaking like a leaf! :Dvent was this past Saturday, the 16th, where I took part in an author showcase for the Genesee District Library!  It took place from 1-4 PM at the Grand Blanc Mcfarlen Library in Grand Blanc, MI.  I spent a lot of time working on my promotional materials, my table, and it was a lot of fun: I met quite a few new people, and (most importantly, for me) signed my first book!  🙂  See the picture to the left for my set up – and yes, almost everything decorative was bought at either Salvation Army or Goodwill (except for the pen cup behind the faux book, & the candy, obviously)!  I’m a cheapskate. 😛

     Now, for the upcoming events!

     On May 14th, I’ll be at Totem Books in Downtown Flint (just minutes away from U of M Flint, Mott, and the Farmers’ Market), 620 W. Court St, 48503, from 1-3PM.  I’ll be signing copies of LA BASTARDA, possibly doing readings from the book, and I may have the first copy of LA REYNA for a “sneak peak”!  Totem Books Flint is a recently-opened bookstore that sells great quality used books, trinkets, and vinyl; it also has a cafe with a local menu, with omni-, vegi-, and (from what I understand) vegan options available!  For those of you worried about the water, there is nothing to worry about; they’re safe, and they do water testing daily.  Menu available here.  It’s another wonderful store thriving in the midst of an urban area that most people think is dying -I can’t wait to see how far they go, and I’m honored to be a part of its culture so early in its journey!

     My last booked event is an Author Showcase happening Saturday, June 4th, at the Lansing Mall Barnes & Noble, 5132 W Saginaw Hwy, 48917.  I will release more information as it is given to me, but I plan to have the copy of LA REYNA for preview, as well as a few trinkets.  🙂LoveToMeetYou2016

     Are you interested in seeing me in your hometown?  Know of a bookstore or library that’s looking for an author to do an event?  Know of any conferences in need of authors for a table?  Are you part of a book club looking for something new to read, and would love for the author to come and join you for a meeting (depending on location), or perhaps record a video specifically for your group?  I’d be honored to do so!  Just use the form above to contact me – I’d love to hear from you! 🙂  I have a list of limitations and dates that I am available to travel to the right – this is not a hard-and-fast list, but I may already be in these areas at the given times. 🙂

     Finally, some of you who are familiar with my Instagram or Goodreads page, or who paid attention above, may have noticed that I changed the name of my second book from LA REINA to LA REYNA.  It was brought to my attention that the second spelling was closer to what would have been used during the 14th century, but it still means the same thing: THE QUEEN (it’s as thought I changed it from “The Queen” to “The Quene”, nothing more.  😀 )


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