Where In The World Is LA BASTARDA? April 2016 Version

     Hello! It’s time for a quick update about where you can find my book, just in case you were curious!

     Of course, it’s available on Amazon in paperback as well as ebook, and the paperback is also available through Barnes & Noble as well.

     If you’re looking to pick it up in person, and you’re in the Genesee County area, you’re in luck!  I have it available in three different places!

     The first place is (of course) Totem Books, 620 W. Court St, Flint MI 48503, where I will be having a signing on May 14th.  See the post below for details.

     The next place is Fenton’s Open Book, 105 W. Shiawassee Ave., Fenton MI 48430.  Stay tuned for future events – maybe next month?  Maybe July?  Maybe November?  Who knows?  😉

     The final place is a super cute little library.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with little libraries, here’s a site all about them, including how to find one near you!  My book is currently available in the 6th Street Little Free Library, at the corner of 6th and N. East Street in Fenton.

     Well, that’s all for now!  I’m really excited, & I can’t wait to keep things going.  Hopefully, I can expand my reach as the series grows!  😀


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