More Updates!

     I have spent so much time on promotion, selling, writing LA REYNA, and researching the next two books in the series – I’m slowly going insane. Between that and some personal things in my life, I’ve been swamped. My social life has pretty much gone down the drain at this point – I’ve missed the last three write-ins for my group because I’ve had something book-related going on! As for my online presence, it’s one thing to add a quick Facebook post or even upload a short video (whaaaaat?? More later), but actually sitting down and collecting my thoughts enough to write a post…doesn’t really happen all that often anymore. I mean, right now, I’m supposed to be getting ready to go grocery shopping, but since the guys are asleep, I figured they won’t notice if I haven’t left yet. 🙂

     I’m sorry! I’m trying not to forget. I’m going to make sure to plan at least one post every week, so please bear with me.

     Now, onto the updates!

     First thing first: on Saturday the 14th, I had my very first solo book signing at Totem Books in Flint! I loved it. The table size was so perfect for me, and the relaxed atmosphere meant that I was able to walk around and talk with patrons (and I even helped Totem make a couple of sales, because I spend so much time there that I know the different sections quite well! 😉 ). I loved it! I think the best part was meeting a teenager and telling her all about one of my favorite books as a child, THE GIVER, as well as the subsequent books. She was awesome! 😀 It sounds super doofy, but I love when kids love to read. Second best part was watching a group of boys play around with a chess set, talking to one of them about his love for history, and encouraging to take AP US History if he gets the chance to do so. 🙂

     And on to the new stuff.

     I’ve added two new videos to my Youtube channel!  That’s right, I have a Youtube channel.  RIGHT??! I created it so that I could upload my book trailer, and I recently decided to dust it off after six months of inactivity.  I’ll let this open tell you a little bit more:

     Of course, I’m a writer, not a Youtube genius, so I’m curious to know what you want to see in Youtube channel: book reviews, vlogs, my social media regime?  You tell me what you want to see, and I’ll try to make it happen!  Bear in mind, I’m still a novice, so please be gentle, SigningFlyerForB&NJune2016MINI5x7 (1)and don’t mind the potato quality of my camera.

     Finally, don’t forget that I have another author event coming up in just under two weeks!  I’ll be at the Lansing Mall Barnes & Noble in Lansing, MI, from 12-5pm, as part of their author showcase!  All the info, including the address, is in the poster to the left of this paragraph.  What is an author showcase?  Well, to be entirely honest, I don’t know what they expect from me, totally, but I’m going to find out!  😀  I’ve heard that at least one author is doing a talk, and I hope to be able to at least do a reading from LA BASTARDA.  I know not everyone can attend, but if you can, it would mean so much to me!

     Hey, do you want to meet up with me?  Do you know anywhere around you that may be interested in an indie author doing some sort of reading, talk, or signing?  Leave it in the comments or drop me a line through my contact page, and I’ll be glad to check it out.  No pressure, obviously, but I figure asking this way means I get a local perspective and learn about those places first, instead of possibly missing it because it’s on page twelve of the Google search! 😛

     Well, the guys sound like they’re waking up, so I need to hurry up and get moving before I get asked why I haven’t yet left! See ya! 😛


4 thoughts on “More Updates!

      • You’ll get there! (I didn’t see the whole comment the other day, so I’m sorry I’m so late getting back to you.) I feel like I’m always behind and unsuccessful, to be honest. I have good ideas, but I just can’t get to them as quickly as I’d like to. I’m really excited for all you are doing, and you encourage me to keep going in my own path and think of new things to do. I need to be brave and do signings and such, but I’m not there yet!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I know the feeling – I finally have a spare moment today to go through my subscriptions for WordPress and Youtube, since it’s way too warm to do anything else and I’ve hit a small block in my story. The end is always the hardest.

        Awww! ❤ You know just what to say to make me feel awesome about myself! And believe me, I understand the falling behind/being unsuccessful feelings. I think it's the artist's curse, to believe nothing is good enough.

        Signings are a lot of fun. I think it's easiest to start in the group settings (the showcases). There's less pressure to be amazing. When you do decide to do your first solo, pick a small, cozy bookstore, either one that you know or one that you can get to know. It was awesome to be able to walk into my "home bookstore", because everyone pretty much knew me (and more than one person was upset I didn't bring the rugrat 😛 ) and there was zero pressure. 🙂


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