Social Media for Historical Fiction Writers, Part 1: An Intro.

     Before we begin, allow me to say that this is specifically geared towards Historical Fiction authors, but the advice can apply to all writers in general. I am a simple HF author who spent a lot of time looking for things that specifically mentioned HF, not SciFi/YA/etc. If you’re not a HF author, you’re still welcome. 🙂

     So, without further ado:

Social Media for HF Writers P01

     Social media for writers and authors seems kind of straightforward, right?

  1. Tweet
  2. Have a Facebook page
  3. Update regularly
  4. ???
  5. Profit

     But it’s not that easy. You have to decide what to post, decide where to post it, decide when to post it, and then make sure to promote it. I’ve also noticed that people expect certain extras from HF authors, which no one tells you about until you’re suddenly fielding 30 questions for it. I’ve also found that it’s hard to really related to someone with thousands of fans/subscribers/followers, because I often feel like I’ll never get that many people to care about my books.

     So, I’ve decided to do a series about Social Media for Writers, specifically of the historical fiction genre. Please join me as I discuss:

  • Why I use social media.
  • Which social media sites I use.
  • Why I prefer social media to email lists.
  • Which sites I think are worth the time, and which I’m simply using to have a foot in the door.
  • What to post.
  • When to post.
  • Where to post a specific post.
  • What people expect from HF authors that they don’t expect from others.
  • How to get tons of subs/follows/etc., and why I wouldn’t recommend doing it.
  • How to build your fanbase – and I use the term loosely here – organically.

     Some of these posts will be combined, while others will have multiple sections. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to craft their own social media experience – this is simply my way of doing things, and I’ve found it works for me. Your mileage may vary – this is just here for an example. 🙂

     As always, feel free to ask questions, add your own experiences, etc., on the posts by leaving a comment. Hope you enjoy!


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