August 2016 Updates!

Hello hello!  Sorry for the unexpected lag in new posts – I had a family event two weekends ago, and things ended up becoming incredibly busy over following weeks.  I’m finally able to settle down and publish a post, which contains a TON of updates (and quite a few pictures).  For some of you, the first bit here will be old(ish) news, so if you follow me on any other social media, feel free to scroll down to the big “NEW NEWS STARTS HERE”.  This post is also EXTREMELY picture heavy, so scroll at your own risk.  No YouTube videos, tho – just the link.  Mobile users, you’re welcome.  😉

First and foremost, updates on LA REYNA.

PreorderLaReyna LaReynaOfficialBookTrailer

As most of you know, I planned to release LaR in December, but after much consideration, I’ve moved the date.  Those of you who are viewing this from my page have probably already seen the banner, but for my subscribers who have not, I will be releasing my book on 13 November, 2016.  For those of you interested in pre-ordering, but not typing out that link, HERE you go. 🙂  I also released my book trailer for LA REYNA, which I won’t post (to save any mobile users a little bit of trouble).  That link is right HERE.

Secondly, I’ve added a few more events to my calendar!  Check it out:


Not only will I be in Holly during the Michigan Renaissance Festival (come see me on the 24th of September!) and Shelby on 22 October, but I’m heading to Traverse City on 15 October (when the beautiful Fall colors are in full swing!), and Clawson on the 23rd!  If anyone will be nearby any of those locations on those dates, stop in and see me!  I’ll be glad to see you.  😀  If you aren’t, don’t worry – I’m looking into quite a few (new) locations.  🙂

I’ve also started gathering together all of my research for Book 3, and some for Book 4 (since there’s a smidge of overlap).  I’m raring at the bit to start, and I have to say that NaNoWriMo can’t come fast enough for me this year  😀

For those of you who follow my Instagram or Twitter (@KM_Guerin for both, if you don’t), this is all old news.  Well, this next bit isn’t.


Alright, now that we’re all here…  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a new page up top, called Press Kits,  Pretty straightforward – Press Kits for LA REYNA, a kit with bios of all sizes, and pictures.  The kits come in two formats: PDF and Word (.docx).  Pretty sweet, right?  I figured it might be nice for advertising purposes, to have ready-made stuff all done up and posted.  🙂  Plus, I’ve always felt weird asking bloggers to feature me, even though I know it’s no different than asking a store to sell my book.  Blogs just feel more personal to me – stores are there to sell (that’s how they stay around), while blogs are a part of a person.  With the Press Kits ready to go, people can just copy and paste them onto their own blogs.  🙂

The second thing is the amount of new events added to my calendar.  For those of you who scrolled down, you may have missed the announcement of my event in Clawson on October 23rd, from 11AM-5PM.  It’s at Leon & LuLu, on the corner of 14 Mile and Main St. (which the rest of the Detroit Metro Area may recognize as Livernois Rd – not to be confused with Livernois Ave, from which is separated by the highway. 🙂 ).  It’s a few minutes away from the Detroit Zoo.  I’ll be there to sell LA BASTARDA, and to promote the upcoming release of LA REYNA.


That’s not the only event added.  I just added something on September 10th, in Charlotte (S.W. of Lansing), starting at 12noon and lasting until…  Well, I’m not sure when, which is quite alright by me, since I love flexibility! 🙂  The location is the American Legion – Post #42, 1000 Lawrence Hwy, Charlotte, MI 48813.  I’m so excited, and I love the fact that it’s so close!  Please, please, please feel free to stop by – I’ll be there courtesy of Bikers 4 Books, a local organization that combines a love of motorcycles and a love of books by fostering literacy amongst area children and helping the community in other ways.  🙂  They’re having a fundraising ride, and…  Well, let me show you the event poster:


It looks like so much fun!  I grew up around bikes, and my little hometown has a motorcycle club that’s really helped out with a lot of stuff in the area.  I love it  🙂  And yes, that is in less than 2 weeks!  😀

The next thing is the very last event I have planned for this year (so far), and is quite possibly my favorite thing.


YEPP!  It’s a release party for LA REYNA!  While La R will be available for general sale on November 13th, I decided a Sunday probably wasn’t the best day for a party, so I thought, why not do an “early release”?  From there, things just kind of went to a “Let’s have a party!”.  It will be open to the public, but I will be sending some invitations (by snail mail!) to better let people know about it.  If you’d like a physical invite, even if you won’t be able to attend, please visit the Contact Me page of this site and leave your name & address.  I promise I will not use your name or address for any purpose other than to send you the invitation, and will delete it when your invite is sent.  😀 😀 😀  For those of you who may or will be able to attend, I look forward to seeing you there!

🙂  Anyway, so that’s all of my updates (for now).


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