Top Historical Fiction Author – Philippa Carr, Victoria Holt, Jean Plaidy

Jean Plaidy is one of my favorite Historical Fiction authors, and I was so excited to stumble across this piece at A Writer of History! I hope you enjoy it, as well. Remember, I’ll be publishing a piece on Constanza this weekend – Sunday, by 3PM EST (USA). 🙂 Enjoy!

A Writer of History

Source: Open Road Media Source: Open Road Media

You probably won’t know her as Eleanor Hibbert, instead you’ll know her as Philippa Carr, Victoria Holt or Jean Plaidy or one of the other pseudonyms she used, including her maiden name Eleanor Burford. As Jean Plaidy, she was selected as one the top 20 favourite historical fiction authors in last year’s survey.

Recently, Open Road Media announced the digital reissuing of Daughters of England series, written under Eleanor Hibbert’s final pen name Philippa Carr. Maggie Crawford, an editor and advisor at Open Road, has graciously provided information about Hibbert’s writing, researching and her very successful career.

How did Eleanor Hibbert begin her writing career? Did it take off immediately or did she experience a difficult start with rejections from agents and publishers?    Eleanor Hibbert started her literary career in the 1930s by emulating her literary heroes—Charles Dickens, George Eliot, and the Brontë…

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